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英语话题作文600字 篇1

  There are four seasons in a year, and I hate winter the most. In my hometown, we don’t have heating system to get warmed, so indoor just as cold as outdoor. The icy wind is blowing on your face and you just feel like you would become a Popsicle. Getting out of bed just become harder and harder as the temperature drops lower. What’s worse, when you try to write your homework, you just can’t feel your hands anymore because of the cold weather. I really envy the people who live in the north for they can stay inside to enjoy the heat, just like living in the spring. Oh, how I wish the winter can pass quickly!


英语话题作文600字 篇2

  Our environment is very important for our lives . We need the fresh air, the clean water and so on . In the past, there were many trees around us ,the air was fresh and the river was clean.But now,people cut down many trees. Air pollution and water polloution are very serious . The environment around us becomes very terrible . We should protect our environment. First, we should plant many trees to keep water. Second , we can ride a bike or walk to the school and work.. Third , we shouldnt throw the dirty water into the river . Fourth, we shouldnt use the plastic bags. Finally, we can ask more people to join us.



英语话题作文600字 篇3

  Qianshan is a new economic zone with a population of more than three hundred thousand. Before the reform and opening up, Qianshan was only a small fishing-dominated village. There was no industry developing here and there were only a couple of schools. However, with the reform and opening up, everything has greatly changed. From then on, many foreign investors invest in here, which promotes rapid economic growth. Many large factories and a large port have been built. The port connects with many cities at home and abroad. In addition, there is train station and airport. They contribute a well-developed transportation system. Education has been greatly developed and the first university has been built here. There has been three thousand students graduated from this university. I am sure that Qianshan will be more international in the near future.

英语话题作文600字 篇4

  As we all kown that The World Expo will be held in Shanghai,China in these day. It witnesses the High-level and all-directional the develop of China in recent years. It also shows clearly that China is now growing up . Honestly, The World Expo will be coming with The great significance.

  To begin with, The World Expo will be held in Shanghai,China,which will promote the senses of the pride and national cohesion for every chinese people. More and more people will have an agreement on the development in China. then, it will develop local economics in order to increase GDP in China. Because foreign currency will be coming accompany foreigns'coming. Finally, we can strengthen the communicated with each other,including the culture, the economic and so on.

  As a chinese people,I have a great desire for welcoming you all to my country. You must be surprised while coming. So , may you enjoy it !

英语话题作文600字 篇5






  A major-related part-time job enables students to better apply theory to practice


  They can learn a wealth of experience which they can never learn from textbooks.


  By making some money, students can to some extent alleviate the financial burden on their families.


  social practice can offer students a chance to contact society and meet different kinds of people , which enables them to better adapt to the competitive society in the future.



  It will interfere with the students study for the reason that part-time job will take up a lot of time and energy.


英语话题作文600字 篇6

  Dear Tina,

  I’m very happy to hear that you’re coming to china next week. I hope to see you soon.

  As we all know, different countries have different customs. So the manners in China are very different from those in your country. Let me tell you something about customs and manners in our country.

  First, we Chinese are supposed to shake hands when we meet for the first time. Then we greet each other. After that, you can talk about something relaxing. But you are not supposed to talk about someone’s salary, age and so on. Second, we use chopsticks to have meals while you use your forks at table. Also, it’s bad manners to talk too much when you’re having meals.

  I hope you’ll have a wonderful time in our country.


  Su Min

英语话题作文600字 篇7

  A Poster Calling for the Design of Environment-friendly Cloth Bag

  In recent years, to control the “white pollution”,our government has taken a lot of measures to promote the use of environment-friendly cloth bags. In respond to government’s appeal, the Environment Protection Association of our department will invite you to take part in our activity of cloth bag design.

  You can submit your design by email or in person. Your wonderful designs are expected before June,1st. If your designs are chosen by our association , you will have a bonus of ¥ 200.

  If you want to get more detailed information about our activity, you may have contact with us on the number 12345678 or e-mail us by cloth bag design @163.com.

  Your active participation will be greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to your terrific design.


英语话题作文400字 篇1
  Welcome to my home. Here are some of my family rules.  Let me tell you. I can’t eat in the bedroom but I can eat in the dining hall. I can’t go out on s ...... 阅读全文